Friday, April 6, 2012


went to the Spring with friends this afternoon (: we actually intended to watch "Hunger Games" but there were no suitable times, so we decided to go for "Mirror Mirror". OMG and the queue was like FOREVER LONG. Dong qi, even longer than the time we went to queue up last time *I forgot for wad edy* AHAHA and the queue took us about an hour. OMG. -.-

I wantED to go gai gai de T.T but AHAHAHAHAHAAH wo hen xing fu! I had a cup of Hielo - the frozen yogurt, original flavor, and it cost me RM 9.90 @@ and and and AHAHA I had Savory Paratha Double Cheese Onion! (Y) AHAHAHA

"Mirror Mirror" is nice! AHAHA very funny and exciting plot de shuo, dong qi if you can go watch lahh AHAHAA the dwarfs are SO CUTE geee Snow White is super pretty! :D

Lastly, vain pics of myself. :P

I forgot when did I take it ~.~

Ayee! Pocky! =D

whee my hair! <3

DQ, this outfit oi! :D

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