Friday, December 6, 2013


went for Catching Fire and Frozen today.

CATCHING FIRE IS VERY AWESOME OMOMOMOMO. okay actually I din watch Hunger Games hahaha but the plot and their acting just touched me lol my tears couldn't stop completely since I started crying hahahah OH MY KATNISS OH MY PEETA.

First thought after the show? WHERE IS MOCKING JAY I WAN TO WATCH NOW.

Guess I have to wait :(

Frozen was simple and nice. Touching but it seemed more like a musical animation to me haaha but the graphic is really amazing and Elsa is sho cute :D

Left home right after since my parents reached then those kawan went for supper :( not like I'll have it lahh (I WANNA SLIM DOWN!) but I just wanna spend time with them. WELL, TOO BAD. Another time ;)

JIO ME OUT OKAY. Not too expensive de lahh.. pokai liaw T_T


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