Monday, November 16, 2015

Probably hormones

It's 0720 
And I'm here thinking about my social circle 
I seem to RECOGNIZE many people
But I rarely KNOW them
I've been wondering if it's my problem
I'm really envy of those who have a very very close relationship with just one or two friends
What's important is quality not quantity
I always have a feeling that I'm not anyone's priority
I feel sad
Perhaps it's my personality

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好像考完國考就一直處於這種狀態 其實也沒有做什麼但卻每天都很累 她們問我其他時間都在做什麼 我想好國考後就是要減肥、練體力 她們問 還有呢? 我不知道欸 妳們不知道所以問我 我原本沒有想那麼多那麼遠 但現在她們好像都找到了自己該前往的方向 只剩下我還停在原點 ...