Friday, December 11, 2015


BD for BirthDay Belly Dancing Ballroom Dancing

this is from the Tamkang Tournament.
It was a sunny day, unexpected nice weather.
Since it's autumn, approaching winter, we had thick clothing on - we sweated a lot.
It is a good experience.
I've been learning ballroom dancing for I guess 4 months?
We learned only chacha plus some basics for now

During the school event I performed ballroom dancing and hot dance - girl's style on stage.
soon after the event, my senior asked if we wanted to join the Tamkang Tournament
it was kind of a short notice
however we caught on the hype
and enrolled
HAHAHAAHA perhaps I expected something
but it didn't matter already
dancing was so fun
we reached Tamkang University around 12:10pm (we left the school @ 11:15am but there was a traffic congestion, so we were a little late)
cz the first years were still new, we didn't need to wear formal costumes
but the dancing heels were still compulsory
the whole event ended around 6pm
The BD club went for a dinner together
it was fun and noisy hahaha
the seniors were discussing to sing k for the night
but most of the juniors didn't go (okay we're old already QAQ)
so we left for school

I'm quite glad that I decided to enroll in the competition.

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