Wednesday, November 30, 2016


It seems like most things are settled and I have a short period of time to myself.. and it is actually an illusion cz exams are coming up soon, starting next week. Finals. Yes. All kinds of reports, that I'm catching up right now lol to ensure sufficient time to do my studying. hehehe

School anniversary ended last Saturday, so did all kinds of practice. I'm really glad that juniors from the ballroom dance club are very cute and treat dancing seriously like I do. I got really angry when my partner kept leaving the juniors' stuff to me. Of course I know everyone has their own priorities. I just can't help that :( People who dance but don't treat dance seriously give me a bad impression.
There was a ballroom dance competition the next day, I couldn't even pass any of the preliminaries. I don't wanna think that it's because of my partner but I guess I can really blame him to some extent cz he hasn't shown up in our club for quite a long time (due to his injury while jogging, but he recovered quite soon, leaving him no reason, right?) I was really mad and frustrated.

Okay. Now I should stop procrastinating and start studying cz time would pass so fast that I wouldn't be able to suit myself to the hectic lifestyle again if I keep lazing like this.

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