Sunday, July 16, 2017


2nd year of uni passes sooooooooo fast, it seems like the days were in 2x speed.
I'm going to Nepal again, tomorrow.
Funny is that I'd be having transit in KL, then reach Nepal tomorrow.
This time I really felt homesick.
Mood was down the two days before leaving Kuching for Taiwan. Mum asked me what was wrong with me when I was staring blankly in the car, I told her it was nothing but I felt like crying.
I really hate saying good bye.
I hate leaving home, home is where the family is.
I feel better when there are friends around but it really is hard when I'm all alone in my room.

Since I'd be flying this afternoon, mum called just now.
I miss her. I miss dad. I miss my sister. I miss the blue skies of Kuching. I miss the wind there. I miss everything in Kuching.
I don't feel that I belong here.
The breakdown this time is quite sudden lol

Kay, wish nothing bad happens in Nepal and everything will turn out well :)

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