Thursday, July 26, 2012



So what went into your mind when you saw my previous post? :D

Roses? maybe not.

Sabun seperti these? *cute right?! AHAHAHA they were gifts in my cousin's wedding (: those are handmade soaps! UNIQUE NOT? xD

sweets? hmm, close edy, something edible and looks super cute.


bread and I took the recipe from



actually we made it twice, the first try was not bad, so we had our second attempt! :D ohya amoi ong you missed it AGAIN D: and actually jojolawzhijun was coming over too! but in the end, she didn't. AHAHA kesian. It was SO MUCH FUN. and again, maybe not *during the baking session*

the baking session was SUPER BAHUAN KAY?

"hip" it in 200degree-preheated oven for 6 mins, then... okay lah AHAHA it was quite much fun actually.

and I sangat macam de bought 2 types of colouring, blue and red! HAHAHAHA and bread mixed them to become purple. Bread said it was very bahuan so she warned me not to "keh gao" go mix it, but I just ignored her. AHAHAH then my hands were setompok of red here and setompok of blue there, and I didn't even come up with a purple colour. Bread, I salute thee. AHAHAHAHa

and I brought to the school on Monday, TO CHIA. But winnie chan terlalu afraid of the colour, she didn't dare to take it. ~(-___-)~ I MAKE DE LOH. sure nice :P AHAHA


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