Thursday, July 19, 2012

numbed and chopped.

I bet you were frightened by the title?! :D


numb die. 

just had extraction for my last 乳牙, dang significant kay?! AHAHA It had been making me suffer for a long long time, there is a tooth beneath it but it just won't go off! ughh, so it shakes and hurts me. D: YA YI YAO, AI JIU KAI SHI JIAN AOOOOOO.

yeah, I had the answer.  so. I CHOPPED. TIAN ER.

now it is so short that I can't tie a bun. :( A BUN IS A BUN IS A BUN. T.T tried tying it to school this morning, the U-pin just couldn't keep my hair there, it kept falling so I just sort of forget about it. But now when I think about it, I rasa SAD. :( I told Ah Cui Jie Jie (okay, the barber) to trim my hair and potong my fringe, it ended up that my hair is now slightly over shoulder length. XIM TIA, MAN.

esp. I kept it for such a long time wad. T.T

I go tetris le. TATA (:

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