Saturday, August 18, 2012

Suku Gong(s) (:



we had holiday starting yesterday =D so YY, Jenny, Jo, Shun and I planned to have a movie marathon in YY's house and since THEY have Chinese tuition (Lim Yee) at 7+, we decided to watch starting from the morning! AHAHAHA

so I woke up and .. "ma..." okay, terrible sore throat it was. "I ' m  g o i  n g  t  o    YY ' s  h o u s e .." lol anyway, it was hard for me to even talk T___T always get caught in stupid sore throat because my nose is REALLY sensitive D: so Mum decided to take me out for doctor only at 9am, I waited and waited and waited and waited and waited and waited and waited and waited and waited and waited and waited and waited and waited and waited and waited...

I guess it was about 9:35am when she finally reached home. AHAHAHA so bread and I went out together (for breakfast actually). Then the doctor.. Heng that I was the only patient when I reached lol if not would have to wait even longer T___T after that we went for breakfast in Hui Sing. YUMMY BEEF NOODLES :))) then Mum dropped me off at YY's house. 

when I reached, they were watching Running Man. OH YA, Jo and Shun couldn't go :(( so it was just us three. LOL Running Man was REALLY FUNY! xD it was hard for me to cough and laugh at the same time T.T 

and just 1 hour after my ARRIVAL (aiseh rasa important), we cooked our lunch! Spaghetti! :D I was ONCE AGAIN amazed at how many canned food can one have at home lol! One whole tray of canned food wohh, I was like "\(OoO)/" SHOCKED. AHAHAHA

after eating, we proceeded to an Indian movie! :D I introduced to them.

It's the "3 Idiots". okay mmg weird to watch an Indian movie, BUT don't judge a movie by its uhmm place of product? LOL IT IS REALLY NICE, educational, funny and all. AHAHA should really watch! (:
Rancho, Raju, Farhan! Funny, meaningful, cool! of course it is a typical bollywood movie with many dance scenes but IT IS TRULY NICE. BELIEVE ME. You can watch in on youtube (:

and we went to the Boulevard to window shop and buy SNACKS.

something tragic happened O: AHAHA so I was blanking, a really serious blank. Then I accidentally stepped on Jenny's selipar. KANCHEONG T__T maybe I saw a shuai ge or wad. AHAHA actually was afraid of a salesgirl, cz she approached us when the three of us just reached and started blabbering about skin care and all sorts of beauty things, about an academy or wad de. So the second time we walked past that place, we decided to take the way out of a shop. Just right after stepping on Jenny's slippers, I blanked. I knocked into something sharp. LOL FORTUNATELY I HAD MY MEGANE ON T.T if not .. I don want to even imagine it O: It nearly poked INTO my left eye D: AHAHA guess I have to concentrate more when walking next time -____- 

okay that's all for now, going to LG now (; 


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