Tuesday, January 10, 2017


Yay! :)
but before that I'll need to pay for the school regis fee and now the rates are really very scary..
I can totally see the view when I arrive in Kuching, I can feel the warmth in the air (though it's winter rn) hahaha I really miss Kuching a lot.
Schedule is quite packed, time is short.
21/01 - 04/02 TOO SOON LAHH.
Air ticket back costs so much, and the air tickets to Nepal is more expensive this time.
It happens that we'd be making our transit in KL using MAS. OH. IF I KNEW. I could have saved two tickets' worth of $$!!
haih. Anyway. As the assistant group leader it might be impossible too, cz before departing we'd need to have a final check on juniors' courses, check their luggage, finish packing our group luggage, babysit juniors. It's seniors' responsibility. I often wonder if I were a burden to my parents..
Every time I think of that, I feel homesick.
A dental senior came to see us this Sunday, and he told us a lot about of future, regarding our career.
I'm really unsure about my future, whether to stay or to return.
I'd definitely want to go back, for my family.
But returning would be a waste of time since I'll still need to follow Malaysia's system and the senior said that there's a queue right now for the graduates overseas to get into the government hospitals.

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