Monday, January 16, 2017


I seriously can't stand this! Must find a way to relieve my rage grrr
It's always been like this
They always love doing things last minute
Of course I have no problem if it's your own matter
But hey
Don't you do this when it's a group thing
What more to say when you are the leader
You think you can handle everything? Then do it all on your own, don't come to me and plead for help at the very last minute
I've clearly reminded you already but it seems like you never learn
Can't bring myself to be so impolite in front of you but I seriously have enough of this
You're not the only one who's busy, don't act like you're the only one.
Use your brain, prioritize your tasks. Crying over spilt milk is of no use.

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好像考完國考就一直處於這種狀態 其實也沒有做什麼但卻每天都很累 她們問我其他時間都在做什麼 我想好國考後就是要減肥、練體力 她們問 還有呢? 我不知道欸 妳們不知道所以問我 我原本沒有想那麼多那麼遠 但現在她們好像都找到了自己該前往的方向 只剩下我還停在原點 ...