Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Sibuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu C:

Actually this trip to Sibu de main aim ialah makan :P
so yea, we DROVE there.
WE - Papa, Mama, Er Jiu, Popo, Aunty Jui Jui, Uncle Lee Lee. *9hours -.-
Aunty Fong FLEW there O: *30 mins.

AHAHA. I was sleeping most of the time. x.x call me pig! :P

so we reached there at 3pm, FYI we bertolak pada pukul 6++am.
JENG, actually we SHUN BIAN attend a wedding dinner.

but FIRSTLY, the scenery :)

and yeahh, the wedding dishes :) some aren't that appealing so X: no pichass xD
Leng Pan - Shark fin Soup which I found no shark fin :P - Ba Bao Ya [the pic below (: ] - Steamed FISH -.- - Steamed Prawn dengan alcohol - LASTLY, fruits and dessert : Fried Durian and Yam *super nice

they're sangat cute :3 saw them in the hotel where the wedding dinner was held (:

the next day, we went to eat Pen Cai in the Golden Happiness Hotel.
uhmm. It's just like many different kinds of food cham together, enjoyed it :P

AHAHA. We went to the Star Mega Mall
*btw, Sibu ppl seem to like STAR alot @@ semua Star Star Star de.
the mall was SUPER BIG.
EHEHE. I bought the dresses RM 50 for 2! :D
and the bag :P Actually I had a hard time /.\ because wo kan shang le 3 ge, I had to choose T.T
one was white with colourful dot dot :|
the other one was DOMO! :O apabila I carry it I seem like carrying Domo :3
after all struggling, I decided to buy the monkey bag :)
BUT! you know why I buy bag? :( my mama say, ADUH, go out to play bring better bag larh! *referring to my white girl bag which I usually use for tests and
which I use when I go to the Spring. T.T ji sad.

YA, AHAHA, Actually there's some more pics .-. LAZY TO UPLOAD.

btw, Dong Qi followed us there! (Y)

-Hope you guys have a nice holiday!

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