Thursday, September 22, 2016

Orientation Performance

The performances for club activities finally ended!!
I think we did just okay hahaha
somehow there was some problem with the speaker so they had to use RG's (another club which hosts most of the activities in our school) speaker
the speaker problem occurred during the tap dance club's performance, which was 2~3 clubs before ballroom dance.. Fortunately the performances ended well. THE WHOLE THING LASTED UNTIL ALMOST 2300 hours!!
I think I had a great breakthrough hahhha my costume was bareback ❤
Anyway I kind of hope there would be many juniors joining ballroom dance club but also not HAHAHA cz I'd be the one guiding them @@ they'd have their first performance by the end of November but we'd be busy doing our volunteering group stuff x.x

I'm not sure if I expected to see him show up, since he's already in his fifth year, but he's always been active and helpful in these things. I couldn't help grinning when I saw him on stage helping with the speaker.I don't know my thoughts even.

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