Saturday, September 3, 2016

New School Year

My sem starts earlier than the others by.. I guess almost a month if you include those military training thingy. The first week of formal classes just passed and yesterday was holiday due to the Armed Forces Day, which is today. Lol. How ironic, I don't get a holiday on 31/08 for Hari Kemerdekaan but I get a holiday on 02/09 as a military school student, in Taiwan.

People often say to look for bf in Taiwan and marry a Taiwanese. Lol you think very easy ahh? hahaa. Anyway, that's not the main point. I actually fell into deep thought a few days ago when someone talked to me about this again, and I thought, "but I miss home." If that was really the case, I would have to leave my hometown and spend my time in a foreign land, without my family. When I just came here, I told people that I still don't know to stay or to leave Taiwan after graduating. But I guess I can't really leave my family, huh? I don't know. Perhaps things would change again after graduating. It seems like Taiwan graduates need to be R for two years in MY hospitals after passing the MY Med test, in order to be recognized, or something like that.. 

Okay. So anyway, the question above reminded me of my air tickets :D and as quick as a flash, (of course with the help of mum and xiaojiu), hahaha, tickets for CNY and summer hols are both settled :D I'm already looking forward to CNY though I don't have new clothes yet :((
Ohh and I might be taking the challenge to be the leader of our volunteering group for 16/17, idk yet lol. Don't really feel like making myself too busy but it seems like there aren't many who are suitable, and those who are are either already too busy or unavailable due to some family problems. Grr. I don't like leading, I kind of know that after being a TL for a year (and I did nothing too! haha I feel sorry for Jon)

Currently I have a part-time job, the wage per hour isn't low, mostly keying in things so I guess it's quite easy since it's just typing. But it's just until this year end. So it's only 3 months. I do hope that they still lack manpower so I can earn some $$$ for myself. Oh and I paid my fees with my hard-earned money from the military training. Hahaha. It's just a sem but I was very happy :) I guess this is the advantage of studying in a military school? 

Lessons starting this sem are important, they would come out in the National Test for Medicine in Taiwan during summer when I go from 4th grade to 5th grade. Gotta take this thing seriously. Can't afford to fail. Heard that it's hard to have time to study when we start our practice in the hospital, and our course has been adjusted so instead of being a 7-year course, it's now a 6-year course. x_x

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