Thursday, September 20, 2012

ME. WO. SAYA. わたし. 내가.

OKAY. If you don't want to understand me, DON READ. AHAHAHA It'll all be about me. :P

1. I'm very contradictory.
2. I'm LAZY.
4. I'm determined to slim down but too lazy to take actual actions, refer to #2.
5. wo hen 犯贱, AHAHA according to wad jo says, 明明就不会吃辣还是要吃。Also, 明明哭点很低,还是爱看悲情的戏,常常哭得稀里哗啦。One time I saw this, people who read sad stories and cry are not weak because after crying they're sure that if they were to face that same situation, they'll be able to face it. (:
6. I love to sleep.
7. Green is my favourite colour. Actually, all colours are nice, it's just that green looks more comfortable. :)
8. I love full-framed glasses! :D guys with glasses are nice AHAHA.
9. I must admit that, I'm no good in sports. AHAHA but watching sports IS fun.
10. I'm afraid of bugs.
11. Bees especially, after bring stung a few years ago, at the back of my head. UGH, worst memory ever, I still remember I wore a pink bib short. (kay I actually google-ed, bib short means 吊带裤) AHAHA
12. I hate pimples.
13. I hate acnes.
14. I hate checkered long pants, with red and black checks, bread started it. AHAHA she says it's 理发师裤.
15. I love to eat grapes, then orange :D sour fruits are the best!
19. I can't take chilli sauce but I can stand curry and laksa's spiciness.
20. Bak Kut Teh is nice! :D
21. I LOVE HOT WATER BATHS. even if it's a hot day wheee (:
22. I prefer teh c to milo. Milo is too sweet. :P
23. I LOVE THE NUMBER 23! AHAHAHAAAHAHHAHA haihh, once my seat number in class. ALSO, 23 Sept HAHAAHAAHAHA
24. I once thought that 四小 was the only primary school.
25. Bread told me that last time I said primary four go to 四小,then primary five go to 五小,and primary six go to 六小。OMG, AHAHA if it's really that case, the teachers will faint. xD
26. I LOL for no reason. When I donno wad to reply but I don wan the conversation to stop. AHAHA
27. I seldom listen to songs.
29. I love to draw.
30. I feel like becoming a wedding dressl designer, but not much income heh. AHAHA still needa think on the realistic side, haihh :(
31. I dislike becoming tan, but some people with tanned skin are very attractive :D AHAHA it's just that I don look good with tanned skin mahh.
32. I love to listen to sad songs when I'm sad, and that makes me even sadder -___- and I can't stop crying, wtf.
33. I love to listen to japanese songs and try to memorize every single word, feeling pro when I can sing the whole song without making a single mistake. :D
34. I love to eat bing pi yue bing xD
35. I like ribbons.
36. I'm very disorganized.
37. I can't plan things well.
38. I dislike paperwork.
39. I feel uncomfortable talking to total strangers, so approach me first! :))
40. I feel safe with my hands in my pocket or whatever lah, at least I can feel myself.
41. I feel unsafe when I'm alone in a big big shopping mall, waiting for others to arrive, so I'll take out my phone and pretend that I'm texting, even if my phone has no more credit.
42. I din know wad was verb / noun / tense before Form 3. LOL I know them but yeahh, just that the names. LOL
43. I'm not good in expressing things.
44. I love toys. Big ones. HAHA but not the furry type. OH YA DONG QI IS 3 YEARS OLD THIS YEAR, but both his ears are broken already :(
45. I love it when people I am very familiar with call me by my nickname :D
46. I'm afraid of mokmok.
47. I'm left-handed.
48. I'm not a diligent student.
49. Burning midnight oil is my style. AHAHA of course not really midnight, gotta sleep before 12 if not mum with be so angry :(
50. I love to sweat but hate it when I sweat. okay idk wad am I talking about. AHAHA

wait until the next time, still have so much more to update AHAHA but gonna go take some snacks now. :)

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