Sunday, December 14, 2014


Chatted with 親愛的小貝 just now
And the reason why there are so many posts this month is because she told me she saw one of my posts then I decided to blog just anything to keep this blog alive.
I really wonder now. Is there anyone out there except Sanee who visits my blog?
Cz like most of my friends' blogs are either dead or now, updated annually. Hahahahah blogging has become an alternate platform for me to spout nonsense and be lame and be me. Hahaha

Okay idk where is this heading anymore. Good night byebye I have quiz on translating 赤壁賦 tomoro. (which I'm not really familiar with yet. HAHAH)

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好像考完國考就一直處於這種狀態 其實也沒有做什麼但卻每天都很累 她們問我其他時間都在做什麼 我想好國考後就是要減肥、練體力 她們問 還有呢? 我不知道欸 妳們不知道所以問我 我原本沒有想那麼多那麼遠 但現在她們好像都找到了自己該前往的方向 只剩下我還停在原點 ...